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Stop struggling in front of a Linux command-line. Learn with an interactive step-by-step approach, and acquire real-world skills that will make you a Linux expert, and a better developer.

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A unique Linux learning experience

I've put 11 years of professional Linux experience in this course, power-packed with hands-on exercises and memory techniques inspired by the neuroscience of learning.

If 2:30 minutes is too much for you, check-out this 9 seconds demo.

"If, like me, you get easily bored by theory and like to learn by getting your hands dirty, this course was designed for you. Let's dive head first into Linux together, and build your professional skills along the way."
Nicolas Beauvais

Nicolas Beauvais

Author of Diving Linux

What will you learn?

Diving Linux is a complete course, accessible for beginners, aiming to give you enough knowledge to be fully autonomous with a Linux desktop or server.

You will first learn the foundations of the command line and slowly dive to each pilar of the Linux system.

At the end of the course, you will have professional command-line skills, be able to use Linux as your daily operating system, perform advanced commands, write scripts to automate tasks, and have a basic understanding of networking, security and how to maintain a Linux server or desktop.

Forget about shiny desktop interfaces, the power reside in the command-line.

1. Course foundation

7 lessons
0h50 to complete

Before diving head first into the linux terminal you need to know a few things. Learn how to connect to your linux server from your computer, things to avoid and key tips that will help you succeed.

1. Introduction

2. Following the course

3. Command line theory

4. Start your server

5. Connecting to your server

6. Running your first command

7. Command line autonomy

2. Terminal navigation

4 lessons
1h30 to complete

Now that your ready, it's time to learn how to navigate, and most importantly, how not to get lost. Discover the Linux filesystem architecture, how to move between directories, and how to list files.

8. Where Am I?

9. Showing files and directories

10. Navigating in the terminal

11. File system hierarchy

3. Read and search

5 lessons
3h00 to complete

Navigating is mostly pointless without a destination. In this part you will learn how search information across the entire filesystem, and strategies to find what you are looking for.

12. Finding files and directories information

13. Reading files content

14. Searching inside files content

15. Searching for files and directories

16. Searching for programs

4. User and group permissions

4 lessons
2h00 to complete

The serious things begin now, and what more serious than user and group permissions? After this chapter you will be an expert of Linux filesystem permissions.

17. Sudo

18. Administrating users

19. Files and directories permissions

20. Files and directories ownership

5. Files edition

5 lessons
2h15 to complete

Here you will learn how to file edition master edition with powerful command-line tools like and strategies that will make you more productive than ever.

21. Creating files

22. Moving and duplicating

23. Remove files and directories

24. Editing files

25. Archiving

6. Command combination and operators

5 lessons
2h30 to complete

You've seen how powerful some Linux commands can be. In this chapter you will learn how to combine them together and use advanced operators to improve your productivity workflow.

26. Executing background tasks

27. Executing multiple commands

28. Using logical operators

29. Using redirection operators

30. Combining commands

7. Text editors

3 lessons
1h00 to complete

Get a brief overview of the three most common terminal editors. For some, this is one of the most important decision of one's life. You shall choose wisely.

31. nano

32. Vim

33. Emacs

8. Bash scripting

4 lessons
2h00 to complete

It's time to write some code, use variables, conditions, loops, and wrap commands together to make the most creatives, and sometime destructives Bash scripts.

34. Shebang

35. Script arguments

36. Environment variables

37. Bashrc

9. Maintenance and automation

6 lessons
3h40 to complete

Diagnose your system and learn how to keep it clean & healthy, all automated with scheduled tasks.

38. System identification

39. Managing packages

40. Managing services

41. Managing processes

42. Examining memory

43. Scheduling tasks

10. Network

3 lessons
2h00 to complete

Leverage the networking power of your Linux instance to your advantage. Learn how to work with DNS, ports, IPs, domains and traffic secured with TLS.

44. Localhost

45. Fetching the web

46. Receiving the web

Simple pricing, high-valued skills

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Learn the skills that will allow you to become a Linux power user, take back control of your privacy, impress your coworkers, and automate advanced tasks. Apply this knowledge in a work environment and make more in a day than what you paid for this course.

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Why learn with Diving Linux?

You won't find another Linux course with this level of interactivity, all exercises are done on a real Linux Server, with instant feedback, and detailed error messages to help you come up with the correct answer without struggling for hours.


student@waddle:~/$ ls

What students think of the course

Diving Linux content is constantly improved with students feedback, and they love it.

Lukas Ambry

Lukas Ambry - Web developer

" Diving Linux is a great platform for beginners. It is intuitive and practical. The lessons are clear and the exercises relevant. It's really great for developing your skills ! "

Student - IT Akademy

" The platform is cool. Having your own server and being able to validate the exercises yourself allows a lot of autonomy. I can move forward quickly. Learning by doing is always more fun and improve research capacity. "

Student - IT Akademy

" The use of the platform is intuitive, and the exercises captivating. The combination of theory and practical exercises in autonomy allows to learn effectively. "

Student - IT Akademy

" Top platform, very well made, intuitive and very functional with a thorough feedback on errors that help to learn from mistakes. "

Student - IT Akademy

" Diving Linux is a very efficient way to learn, without having to setup a learning environment. It also allows you to work well independently with the automatic correction. I really appreciated the learning framework and to learn by doing exercises. "

>Parthasarathi G K

Parthasarathi G K - Web developer

" I've seen a handful of Linux courses till date, this is the best learning experience for Linux. "

Not sure about learning the command-line?

I know, learning to use the Linux command-line does not seem appealing compared to the shiny graphical applications of the latest macOS or Windows release.

Acquire unparalleled productivity

There's a reason behind experienced software engineers, system administrators and other hackers using a command-line on a daily basis, it's to unleash the full potential of their computer.

Diving Linux will make you a command-line power user, you will discover new ways of doing things more efficiently, using Linux, a free, open-source, secure, and privacy focused operating system.


student@colony:~/course$ wget | learn

You won't be able to go back to your old unproductive self.
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Downloading material..
Training brain neural network..
Testing skills on real world scenarios..

Linux expertise acquired.

Operating systems

Standard across operating systems

Thanks to the POSIX standard, most of the things that you will learn in this course can be reused on macOS terminal or Windows subsystem for linux (WSL).

From the command-line you will be able to work with files, code, automation, monitoring, networking and combine everything as you please, all from a single tool.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is this course for?

This course was designed for computer science student and junior developers willing to grow their skills, but it will work for anybody with some basic computer skills that is eager to learn.
If you're a command-line beginner, Diving Linux is the perfect start for you. And if you already know how to use a command-line, this course will help you take it to the next level.

Are there prerequisites?

The course assume that you are comfortable using a computer, are motivated, and have some basics programing skills for the bash scripting chapter. You will also need a computer with an internet connection, but if you're reading this you should already have that.

What if I want to keep using macOS or Windows?

You will be able to use most of what you learned in this course inside of the macOS terminal or Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL). The command-line is the common denominator between Windows, macOS and Linux, learning it is the best way to improve your productivity with theses three major operating systems at once. You will also be able to administrate remote Linux servers from any OS.

What if I don't like the course?

It hopefully won't happen, but if it does, you can ask for full refund during the 30 days following your purchase. Learning to use the Linux command-line can be frustrating at first, you might not like, but if you push yourself out of your comfort zone you can acquire valuable skills and start to like it.

Why is it so expensive compared to other online course?

Diving Linux offer much more than textual or video learning material, by purchasing the course you get access to a secured Linux server in the cloud to play with, and an interactive platform with automatically corrected exercises to let you learn at your own pace. You should learn more with this course than with a one week $3,000 workshop.

Do you offer any discounts?

Diving Linux offer equal buying power price, depending on the average purchasing power in your country, you can get the course with a discounted price to help spread knowledge. Contact me at to get a discount.